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Mechlyfe are newcomers to the hardware market, debuting last
year with the Arcless mech mod and Ratel AIO. The original Ratel was well
received by reviewers but with a large and unusual form factor, it didn’t live
up to its full potential. Their newest device, the Ratel XS, launched recently
and has already become one of the most hyped mods of 2020. Is it deserving of
that hype, though?

Construction, fit and finish are exceptional but there is
one clear flaw in the removable side panel. Despite a very strong magnet, there
was a notable amount of play evident and Mechlyfe say the issue has now been
resolved. I was able to alleviate this problem by placing some blu tac on the
inside of the door. This was very easy to do, though not something that should
have to be done.

That apart, the aluminium chassis is sturdy, with a quality
matte finish. The buttons are tactile and overall, the device feels very solid.

Mechlyfe’s proprietary “Mechchip” is simplistic but should
offer all of the functionality needed for most vapers. Wattage, voltage, bypass
and temperature control (SS, Ni, Ti) are all available. I found power delivery
to be spot on, with a quick ramp up, though higher outputs will not be achieved
when your 18650 depletes to approximately 25 percent. I tested temperature
control with a simple SS316L build and was satisfied with the results, though
it was on the conservative side in terms of cutting power.

The massive 5.5ml capacity cartridge clips in and out of the
device with relative ease and features a screw in top fill, which I’ve found to
be highly convenient during my testing. This is a great quality-of-life feature
for day-to-day usage.

Unlike most AIOs coming to market in 2020, the Ratel XS has
no stock coil option out of the box. This is a device aimed at enthusiasts and
at the time of writing, is rebuildable only. As standard, the XS is supplied
with a single coil RBA. The deck features bottom and side airflow. The side
airflow can be adjusted internally via a screw, which allows you to really dial
in the experience.

Though Mechlyfe market the XS as an MTL and DTL device, I
should note that even with the side airflow completely shut off and airflow
ring closed down, it’s a loose MTL. This could be remedied by a bottom airflow
insert or dedicated MTL deck and I implore Mechlyfe to consider this for the
near future, as it would be easily accomplished.

As a result of this, I’ve been using the XS solely for
direct lung vaping and have been mightily impressed. With side airflow opened
about halfway and the airflow ring fully open, the XS competes with the very
best devices on the market in terms of flavour output and has a relatively
quiet, smooth draw. I’ve personally enjoyed it most with dual core fused
Clapton builds, between 35W-40W but there’s certainly some wiggle room there
for smaller or larger builds, depending on how much you open or close the side
airflow screw.

I can’t overstate how impressed I am with the vape
experience this device provides. The combination of great flavour, a smooth
restricted draw, huge capacity, topfill and a sleek form factor is really quite
a triumph. If Mechlyfe release a true MTL RBA for this in the future, it will
be the complete package.

In summary, I’m highly impressed with the Ratel XS. Wobbly
door notwithstanding, I wholeheartedly believe that this is currently the best
AIO for enthusiasts who enjoy restricted direct lung vaping. Hype certified.


•             Vape

•             Huge

•             Easy to


•             Noticeable
door wobble.

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