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Projected opening of 50 lounges over the next 2 years:
• Substantial purchase for initial stock of each lounge as it opens.
• Repurchase rate will depend per lounge.
• Expected orders of 5,000 to 10,000 bottles a month considering 50 lounges.

What you get for your money

• Full training of the manager; responsible for training their staff
• 1000 bottles stock excluding your own (start up)
• Completely kitted out shop – ready to trade
• POS merchandise for each brand stocked
• Use of the Vapouround Lounge name
• Cost of company incorporation
• All branding/logos/apparel
• Help in finding a location
• Centralised EPOS system
• Marketing /Advertising
• 24/7 support

Package 1

Outright Franchise

This is where the buyer will be solely responsible for the running and management of the franchise purchased.

What we expect from the franchisee:

• To pay bills and running costs
• To staff their store
• A monthly subscription of £800, at fee per month to pay for POS/ EPOS/ Membership Training/ Advertising/ Marketing
• To order stock from Juice Factory exclusively
• To manage and run their individual stores
• To make sure all lines are equally pushed
• Maintenance of shop and equipment

Package 2

If you don’t want the headache of staffing and running your franchise, and dealing with the potential daily problems associated with it, you can opt for package 2.

We can do all the above for an agreed management fee above the normal monthly franchise fee.


If you’re interested in franchising a Vapouround Vape Lounge of your very own, feel free to get in contact with us using the form the right. Remember to include your contact information.

Alternatively contact us via phone on 01332 895 953

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