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Although dual coil setups are seen as the standard for RDAs, smaller single coil atomisers are still a very popular option. Not only does a single coil mean less battery drain, it also means far less e-liquid consumption. Since the deck and atomiser itself can also be much more compact, in many cases flavour production can be on par with, or even exceed the capabilities of a larger dual coil atomiser. The only thing single coilers fall short on objectively is vapour output, which to many is no bad thing. Today, we’re covering five of our favourite single coil RDAs. There should be something here to suit all budgets and airflow preferences. 

5. Wotofo Recurve:

RRP: £20-25

Mikevapes and Wotofo teamed up for this RDA at the start of 2018 but it’s still a great option. It has a fairly open draw for a single coiler, with a half pipe deck and honeycomb airflow. The postless design makes building a breeze, even for newcomers. The lack of well depth does mean that this RDA is primarily suited to squonking, though this is how many single coil RDAs are intended to be used anyway. A great option for those coming from subohm tanks. 

4. Psyclone Mods Citadel:

RRP: £75


 Psyclone Mods have built their brand on single coil RDAs and the Citadel is their most refined offering. It has a semi-restricted draw when wide open, with a simple top-down screw deck. The addition of an Ultem insert is supposed to intensify flavour, though in our experience it mostly reduces spitback from the coil. Flavour output is excellent from this one and it squonks like a dream. The Citadel is a little more pricey than mainstream RDAs but the build quality and aftercare is worth the asking price in our view. 

3. Coilart Dpro Mini:

RRP: £20-25


 Another 2018 release that still does the business. The Dpro Mini is a super slammed 22mm RDA, with a postless deck and very restrictive direct lung draw when wide open. The combination of tiny chamber and  precise airflow result in fantastic flavour production, though these same attributes also mean that the atomiser is not suited to especially large builds, such as Aliens. The affordable price make this our top pick for flavour purists who are on a budget. 

2. 5A’s Basic 1.1 Ti:

RRP: £80

5A’s are a Filipino manufacturer who are well known in the high end community, though that’s perhaps the extent of their recognition. The Basic 1.1 Ti is the apex of their original Basic design. It has a super simple top down screw deck, extremely reduced chamber and unique airflow design, which comes in from the top and then travels down an internal channel to hit the side of the coil. The result is top tier flavour in a tiny RDA that is pretty much leak proof. At $100 RRP, it’s not the cheapest RDA out there but it’s a great choice for those who are willing to spend the extra cash. 

1. Haku Engineering Venna:

RRP: £80

 Anyone who’s remotely interested in flavour chasing should know about the Venna by now. Australian modders Haku Engineering are another company that specialises in single coil atomisers and in our view, the Venna is their best work. Like others on this list, the Venna features a super slammed design, with a confined internal chamber. It has a similar top down screw deck, too, which makes building straightforward.

What sets the Venna apart from other atomisers in its class is the airflow design. Two inlets on each side of the atomiser angle down towards the coil, resulting in precise jets of air being fired underneath and on the side of the coil, when built correctly. The result is an extremely smooth, quiet draw that delivers top tier flavour. With just a touch more air than the Dpro Mini, this is another one for those who enjoy a very restricted direct lung draw. 

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Voopoo Vinci X Review No ratings yet.

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Vinci X Review – Benedict Jones 


Dimensions: 117mm*25mm*29mm

Materials: Zinc alloy,

Weight: 175g 

Power output: 5W-70W

Battery capacity: External
18650 cell 

Charging: Micro-USB 1A

E-liquid capacity:
5.5ml/2ml (TPD edition) 

If you’ve been paying attention to Voopoo recently, it’s clear that they’re throwing everything behind the Vinci line of devices. The Vinci X is the largest iteration of their pod mod offerings and is a departure from the first two models in that it’s powered by an external 18650 cell.

Construction, fit and
finish of the Vinci X are fantastic. As with the original Vinci, the zinc alloy
frame feels robust, the strong magnetised connection holds pods in place
securely, buttons are tactile and the finishing is flawless throughout. We were
supplied with a “Space Grey” model for review and I have to say, it’s my
favourite Voopoo finish to date, with fine diagonal lines running down the side
panels and a dark mirror finish chassis. It’s a fingerprint magnet no doubt,
but it doesn’t cross the line into being overly shiny. The Vinci X is slightly
larger than its predecessors, to accommodate a removable cell but honestly,
it’s not that noticeable. 

In terms of user
experience, very little has changed between the original Vinci and the newest
version. The most obvious difference is a new maximum power output of 70W. Bear
in mind, the automatic wattage limits will stop you from exceeding the
recommended power settings for stock coils, so for now the only way to achieve
full output is by downloading the latest firmware and selecting RBA mode.
Voopoo has opted to leave the pod design unchanged and this is my first gripe
with the Vinci X, since two fixed airflow settings is simply not enough to
cover the broad range of coils that this device is compatible with. 

The Vinci X retains all of
the firmware features of the original, including a comprehensive puff counter
system that is still unmatched, as far as I’m aware. I feel this useful tool
flew under the radar somewhat and I still believe that it’s a great way for
vapers to track their usage and nicotine intake over time. Power delivery is
instant and smooth, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it’s the feature
that Voopoo practically built their brand on with the original Gene chip. 

The mod is supplied with
two coils. The first is the same 0.3Ohm mesh that came with the original device
and this remains to be one of the best low power mesh stock coils I’ve tried.
The second, a 0.6Ohm mesh coil, is new to me. It has a narrower bore compared
with the 0.3Ohm option, with a lower 20W-28W recommendation. I found this coil
to shine at 25W-28W on the more restricted airflow setting, with good flavour
and vapour production for such a low power output. Longevity was good too,
running through 45ml of moderately sweet e-liquid before any decline was
noticed. I feel this coil is a good choice for newer subohm vapers, striking a
good balance between power output and performance.  

Battery life on the Vinci
X will depend entirely on your choice of 18650, coil and power output. There are
quite a few variables here but as a general rule, you can expect approximately
double the battery life of the original Vinci, when using a high quality
3000mAh cell such as the Samsung 30Q or LG HG2. 

In summary, the Vinci X is
a worthy addition to Voopoo’s pod mod lineup. Great build quality, external
cells and a growing range of coil options make this a versatile device, though
I do wish they had updated the airflow control to allow for proper adjustment. 


  • Build quality 
  • Solid stock coils 
  • Large capacity (non-TPD edition) 


  • No RBA included 
  • Only two fixed airflow options 

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Top 5 Tobacco E-liquids No ratings yet.

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To many vapers, tobacco flavoured e-liquids are a contentious subject. Fundamentally, we are trying to avoid cigarettes and tobacco by vaping. Still, these blends remain very popular and there are two distinct strands of tobacco e-liquid.

The first are those which aim to authentically mimic the flavour of tobacco alone, whether that be a light virginia or dark, aromatic pipe blend.

The second kind are dessert tobaccos. To the uninitiated, this might seem odd. Why would we want to blend sweet flavours with tobacco? The answer is it just works. For whatever reason, when you take vanilla, caramel, or other staple dessert notes and combine them with a dash of tobacco, it results in a layered profile of sweetness and spice. Today, we’re exploring five of our favourite tobacco blends.


5.       Nasty Juice – Bronze Blend: This is an ideal starting point for a vaper who’s not sure if they’ll enjoy tobaccos. This leans heavily into the dessert elements, with a rich soft crack caramel top note and substantial vanilla cream base to back it up. A very mild tobacco accent ties it all together, present but by no means the main part of the blend. A simple, classic RY4 offering. 

4.       Charlie Noble – Tripoli: Tripoli is a little harder to get your hands on fi you live outside of the U.S but in our view, it’s well worth the hassle if you enjoy a good tobacco. This is a little more tobacco forward than other entries on this list, with a rich blend of aromatic Turkish tobaccos front and centre. This is accented with fig, almonds and spices to create a one of a kind, eastern dessert tobacco experience. 


3.       Five Pawns – Black Flag Risen: Five Pawns were among the first companies to produce complex, multi-layered e-liquid profiles. Black Flag Risen is their ode to dessert tobaccos and though it’s had multiple editions over the years, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Primarily, this is a coffee vape,  with a rich, dark top note. This is supported by a mellow dairy base, with a nutty accent. The blend is finished with a light tobacco note, which pairs beautifully with the coffee. 

2.       Chef’s Flavours – RY-Whore: Chef’s Flavours are best known for having one of the most comprehensive selections of flavourings on the planet but they also create their own blends and one shots, with years of experience to back them up. RY-Whore is their most popular tobacco one shot. It has an indulgent caramel top note, with a bright vanilla base, accents of almond and pecan and of course a light tobacco finish. This is a little heavier in terms of the dessert notes and that’s why we love it. 

1.       Ripe Vapes – VTC: We can’t make a list of tobacco flavours without mentioning VTC. It’s been around for years and for good reason. This is a compelling combination of rich vanilla cream, toasted almond and a light tobacco accent. It’s quite a mild flavour overall, which makes it perfect for all day vaping. The tobacco note combines so well with the almond that even non-tobacco lovers may find themselves falling for it, too. There are now several versions of VTC, including Bold, for those who prefer more tobacco and even Private Reserve, for vapers who want VTC that has been aged in barrels for a more authentic oak note. 

So that’s it, five of the best tobacco e-liquids money can buy. Did we miss your favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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E-cigarettes with counselling doubles quit success rate No ratings yet.

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Smokers who combine counselling and e-cigarettes are twice as likely to quit within three months, according to a recent study.

This is also true if the cigarettes contain no nicotine, albeit to a smaller degree.

The success rate of e-cigarettes containing nicotine was 22 percent compared to 17 percent without nicotine.

However, this was still higher than the 9 percent who were only given counselling.

Mark J. Eisenberg reported the results this week at the virtual American College of Cardiology 2020 scientific session:

“The long-term health effects of inhaling combustible tobacco are well established.

“However, even with the use of pharmacologic or behavioural therapy, well over two-thirds of those attempting to quit return to smoking within 1 year.”

Experts involved with the study, including Eisenberg, believe that more research and a long term follow-up are needed.

The trial involved 376 people in Canada who smoked on average 21 cigarettes a day for 35 years prior to attempting to quit.

All those taking part were considered motivated to quit but 91 percent had failed before but had attempted smoking cessation medications or behavioural therapy.

A third of those in the study had previously tried e-cigarettes.

Each was randomly assigned e-cigarettes with or without nicotine and some were given counselling alone.

Those in the e-cigarette groups were given a closed-system NJOY rechargeable device with tobacco-flavoured refill cartridges containing 15 mg/ml nicotine or identical nicotine-free versions.

They then received 100 hours of counselling over a 12 week period.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Source: tctMD

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Well Worth A Watch: Netflix Broken: Big Vape No ratings yet.

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Benedict Jones takes a look at a Netflix documentary on vaping which highlights
both good and bad points about the worldwide vape industry.

Netflix recently released a new documentary series titled
Broken, with the aim of shedding light on industries which have captured
headlines in recent years, often for the wrong reasons. 

The decision to include a
60-minute film on vaping isn’t much of a surprise in this context and with vape
hysteria boiling over at the end of last year, many voices in the vaping
community were concerned about yet another ‘hit piece’ that would unfairly
misrepresent the facts. 

The film starts with the
account of high school student Bella Carroll,17, who discusses the challenge of
quitting vaping, with the main barrier being how prevalent use is amongst her
peers. We then move on to the school principal, who says that vaping is a
common problem in his school and involves students from a wide range of

I was concerned that I was
about to watch 60 minutes of narrative slating vaping but the film maker then
points out that whilst vaping has become “cool” for underage users, smoking
rates in youth have declined substantially. Moreover, the film then makes it
clear that the youth attitude towards cigarette smoking has shifted, so that it
is now seen as socially unacceptable and certainly not the rebellious thing it
once was. 

Here, the film pivots to a
brief history of the tobacco industry and we see something that is so sorely
lacking in much of the mainstream coverage of vaping; the fact that our
industry is disrupting one of the most insidious products to ever be sold. 

We then move to Hong Kong
for a profile of Hon Lik, inventor of the modern e-cigarette. This deeply
personal story behind the inception of vaping is a prime example of what
advocates in our community have been saying since anti-vaping sentiments first
took off, that our industry is driven by user innovation and a desire to quit

Café Racer founder Kurt
Sonderegger is up next alongside several other business leaders at Vape Expo
Las Vegas. Here, “Broken” highlights the huge number of ex-smokers in the
vaping industry and they talk about the importance and demand for flavours from
adult smokers.

I had hoped this segment
would be longer as this would have been an ideal opportunity – sadly missed I
am afraid – to more deeply explore the true nature of vape culture and the
support network it provides for those who wish to quit smoking.

The next 20 minutes was
much less positive and covered topics including Phillip Morris International’s
ostensible goal of creating a smoke free world and JUUL’s meteoric rise within
their industry including the questions which arose about their marketing

“Broken” is quite matter
of fact about these subjects and doesn’t come across as alarmist when compared
with the kinds of reports we commonly see in the news and I feel that the
coverage here was both fair and informative. 

It moves to the UK next
and highlights the positive approach to vaping taken over here. Martin
Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England speaks
passionately and with authority to make the case for the harm reduction
possibilities of vape products.

He said: “If the choice is
between e-cigarettes and fresh air, then choose fresh air. If the choice is
between e-cigarettes and smoking, then choose e-cigarettes.”

“Broken” points out that
e-cigarettes have contributed to the 25 percent decline in British smoking
rates over the last five years and it is quite clear that the filmmakers accept
that vaping has a legitimate and powerful role to play in reducing the single
biggest cause of preventable death the world over. 

It shows how flavoured
e-cigarettes are helping the UK’s smoking cessation efforts with a case study
of young mother Chloe O’Shea, who is pregnant with a second child. I praise
Netflix for taking the time to explore the positive human impact of the vaping
industry, something the mainstream media are generally content to ignore.

Louise Ross, former
manager of Leicester Stop Smoking Service sums it up best when she says “At the
end of this day, are you likely to go home and open a bottle of wine, or pour
yourself a beer, or have a strong coffee? People are realising yes, they’ve got
their own vices and I think there’s something deeply moralistic about this
distaste for nicotine.”

In summary, “Broken: Big
Vape” is about as balanced a documentary as we can feasibly expect from a
mainstream platform like Netflix and it does a good job of highlighting the
amazing potential of open vapour products, while covering concerns about youth
use and corporate co-opting of an independent driven industry. This is well
worth a watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and
evolution of vaping. 

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Vaporesso Swag II Review No ratings yet.

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108mm*50mm*25mm (height includes tank + drip tip) 

Power output: 5W-80W 

Battery capacity: External
18650 cell 

E-liquid capacity:
3.5ml/2ml (TPD edition) 

Charging: 2A Micro-USB 

Display: 0.91 Inch OLED 

Six months ago, Vaporesso
released the Gen mod, along with the Axon chipset. Much to my delight, it was
one of the best mods of 2019 and my zealous praise of the device has resulted
in a fair amount of light-hearted mockery by colleagues. The Swag 2 is Vaporesso’s
latest Axon based device, so it’s got big shoes to fill. 

Construction, fit and
finish of the Swag 2 are great. It has the same rubberised finish that debuted
with the Gen, along with a super-lightweight chassis and sturdy side-by-side
form factor. In short, if you like the Gen, you’ll like this too. Side-by-side
designs allow for an external cell and tiny form factor, which really is the
best of both worlds and among those on the mainstream market, the Swag 2 feels
like the winner in terms of quality. 

I’m happy to report that
the full feature Axon chip has been fit into the small footprint of this
device. This means variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control,
power curves, pulse mode, smart TC, bypass, super player and eco modes are all
present, along with some UI customisation. In other words, this is the most
feature-rich miniature mod on the market. This might sound bewildering to new
users but fortunately the menu layout is very simple and accessed with the mode
button, so those with less experience can just stick to variable wattage and
ignore the rest.  

Performance is second to
none. If you like tinkering, or even just want a reliable, accurate experience,
whether that’s wattage or temperature control, this chip does it all. No other
chip in this price category comes close.  

The Swag 2 is bundled with
the NRG PE tank. This is the latest in the long-running NRG series and not much
has changed here. It’s still cross-compatible with all Baby Beast style coils
and still built solidly. The kit includes two coils, the first of which is a
0.15Ohm dual mesh build, rated for 60W-70W. This coil performs nicely, with
great flavour, vapour production and longevity. It does feel a little
unsuitable for a single cell mod, though and for this reason I find it odd that
Vaporesso included it with the Swag 2. At the maximum recommended wattage, you
can easily drain a fully-charged 18650 in two hours or less. 

The second coil is a
stainless steel CCELL, rated for 25W-35W. This coil has a more restricted draw
and at the maximum wattage produces a mellow but flavourful direct lung vape.
The coil material also allows you to experiment with the various temperature
control features, which is a nice touch. 

Though I really can’t
fault the performance of the NRG PE, it does feel out of place with the mod.
I’d much rather have seen a dedicated MTL tank provided with the device, as
this would have made for the ideal fully-featured starter kit and been a better
pairing for the single 18650 specification. Vaporesso has been producing some
of the best Baby Beast style coils for years now and I’d love to see what it
could do with the Nautilus fitting for MTL, which could benefit from some

In summary, the Swag 2 is
one of the very best single 18650 mods to ever be released. From build quality,
to performance, I really can’t fault it. The NRG PE tank, while good, does feel
a little mismatched for the device but it’s not a bad tank by any means. I hope
to see a SWAG 2 kit with MTL tank in the near future, as this would be perfect
for retailers and consumers alike. 


  • Build quality 
  • Incredible chipset 
  • Small form factor 


  • MTL tank would be more appropriate 

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Why good science is vital to the UK vaping industry No ratings yet.

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Picture credit: BAT Science

“What happened in the US last year has really highlighted the
importance of good product stewardship, trusted retailers and buying from
reputable sources.”

In the first of a two-part
feature, we talk to Dr Chris Proctor, Group Head of Potentially Reduced Risk Product
Science at British American Tobacco, about the role of science and research in
the UK vape industry.

Words: Patrick Griffin

The vaping industry has always
had its detractors but for the last six months or so it seems that it has been
under attack like never before.

The recent ‘vape-related’ lung
injury crisis in the United States – which turned out to have been caused by
vitamin E acetate added to illegal THC vape devices – is a case in point.

While the illness was limited to
the USA and Canada, the reputational damage it caused to vaping in general was
felt throughout the world and caused many people to question whether they
should either switch to vaping in the first place or simply carry on smoking.

Now, more than ever, it is of
vital importance that the entire industry works hard to demonstrate to the
public that e-cigarettes really a better option than smoking.

Dr Chris Proctor, Group Head of
Potentially Reduced Risk Product Science at British American Tobacco, says what
has happened in America highlights the importance of good scientific research
within the vape industry.

He said: “What happened in the US
last year has really highlighted the importance of good product stewardship,
trusted retailers and buying from reputable sources.

“From the beginning of our
journey in 2013, we have done so much science including chemistry, biology and
many clinical studies. We also keep our own active monitoring of any consumer
complaints that might be related to health.

“We have 50 toxicologists
looking at what we’re putting into our products so that we know precisely what
is in our liquid.

“The key message for
vapers in the UK is to buy products from reputable retailers who work with
reputable manufacturers and use the products as they were intended – don’t
start messing with them.”

Now that vaping is gaining
more traction this has led to a barrage of negative stories in the mainstream
media and online is causing people to question the safety of vaping. As the
media warm to the theme of vaping scare stories this is something the industry
will need to address.

Dr Proctor added: “The
most trusted source of information in the UK is Public Health England and I
think PHE will continue to be a voice of reason for vapers. 

“The message is very
simple; if you switch from smoking to vaping don’t go back to smoking because
vaping is 95 percent less risky than smoking.

“We will continue to
invest in the quality of our products and there is huge transparency in our
science. Our R&D is open to visitors and hundreds of people come through
just to see the science we’re doing and what our labs look like. 

“We also publish
everything we do including those areas where there may be issues such as
diacetyl and about chemicals that can form diacetyl.  We published a lot
on our stewardship approaches to this as well as the basic chemistry, biology
and our clinical studies and we will continue to do so.”

He described the UK as a
country which was the most accepting of vaping and tobacco harm reduction but
said that even here many really good independent studies “did not get much of a

By way of example Dr
Proctor quoted a University of Dundee two year study looking at heart disease
risk amongst smokers and vapers. He said that after just one month, heart
disease risk by markers in the body had reduced substantially amongst those who
had switched from smoking to vaping.

He added: “This is a remarkable study which is consistent with our data. We
have done clinical studies which show that within a day, carbon monoxide is
removed from the body at the same rate as quitting If you switch to a vaping

He also praised the annual
Stoptober quit-smoking campaign but said it may be more effective if backed up
by advice from doctors and pharmacists so that the message was more consistent
about vaping being a better choice for smokers.

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Top 5 Dual Coil RDAs No ratings yet.

, ,

Header image by @_dragons_breath_ (Instagram)

Dual coil RDAs have been the gold standard for enthusiast vapers who enjoy high wattages for years now. There’s something for everyone these days but here we’re highlighting five options that should cater to just about anyone who’s looking for intense warmth, flavour and extreme vapour production. 


1.       Wotofo Recurve Dual: A natural successor to Mikevapes’ and Wotofo’s original Recurve, the Recurve dual is a fairly compact RDA for it’s class, with smooth honeycomb airflow. It retains the same half pipe style deck, which makes building a breeze, even for newcomers. This is a good starting point for those who want to give dual coil vaping a go, without breaking the bank. Due to the airflow being somewhat restricted, compared to other dual coil RDAs, this is perhaps not the one for monster coils, but it produces an excellent vape nonetheless. 

      2.       Hellvape Passage: The passage is a collaboration between Hellvape and Youtuber Matt from SMM. This is a bit of a departure from his other projects, since he’s usually known for single coil atomisers. The passage is another good option for newcomers, with an intuitive block style building deck. This allows you to install virtually any coil, large or small, without issue. The “passage” airflow system results in a really smooth, if somewhat restricted vape, so this is another good option for those who wish to use dual coils but prefer less air. 

3.       Mass Mods Axial Pro: The Axial Pro is a relatively new release, but it boasts some impressive features. It’s small for a dual coil atomiser, but provides a deceptive amount of airflow, despite appearances. It also has an optional series build deck, which allows you to double the resistance of a dual coil build, making it suitable for series mechanical mods. The minimalist looks of the top cap also make it a nice fit on a wide range of tubes. This is a versatile little atty that’s best suited to experienced builders. 

4.       Coilturd An RDA For Vaping: Tongue in cheek name aside, this is a serious RDA. Its deck is nothing new but that’s no bad thing because postless blocks are very easy to build. This, combined with airflow that is directly jetted into the coils by the top cap, along with three airflow inserts to choose from, make for a versatile RDA that’s big on flavour. It also has a glassic, Goon-esque look, which means it pairs beautifully with mech tubes and box mods alike. 

5.       Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini: Vaperz Cloud have been going from strength to strength in the last year or so and the Asgard Mini is their crowning achievement when it comes to RDAs. It’s a 25mm version of the original Asgard and in our view, this improves performance noticeably. The massive honeycomb airflow and Ultem insert remain in tact, though there is slightly less air available on the Mini, compared to its bigger brother. The easy build deck, combined with some of the smoothest airflow on the market and great flavour make this a top RDA. It may be a little too airy for some users, but those who are looking to put serious power through their atomiser should look no further. 

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Snowwolf Taze Review No ratings yet.

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Dimensions: 91mm*41mm*25mm (height includes drip tip)

Materials: Zinc alloy, PCTG 

Battery capacity: 1600mAh internal cell 

E-liquid capacity: 4.5ml/ 2ml (TPD edition) 

Charging: 4A USB-C quick charging 

Power output: 5W-40W


Sigelei subsidiary Snowwolf originally made their name with bulky, high wattage box mods but have transferred their efforts primarily to the AIO market in recent times. The Taze is their latest device, so does it stand out from the crowd? 

Construction, fit and finish are excellent. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Taze is one of the best built AIO devices on the market today. The Zinc alloy chassis feels robust, tolerances are on point and the PCTG tank is highly shock resistant. This is one of the smaller AIOs we’ve seen this year but it has a nice weight, feeling premium in the hand. A strong magnet keeps the tank firmly in place with no play whatsoever. 

Snowwolf have kept things simple when it comes to user experience. A firing button on the back of the chassis powers the device on/off with five clicks, or locks the wattage controls with three clicks. Power is adjusted up and down via two small buttons located beneath the screen. With a small AIO like this, I don’t expect any more features, so I’m glad that the Taze has been designed with simplicity in mind.

 A “smart power” feature detects the installed coil and recommends a starting wattage, along with setting a power ceiling. This is a useful feature that stops newer users from accidentally exceeding the capabilities of a coil and burning it out. Wattage limits like this are becoming more common in 2020 and I think that’s a great thing for the sake of accessibility. Holding both wattage control buttons down allows you to toggle to RBA mode, which allows full user control of the wattage, which will be necessary for the forthcoming rebuildable section.  

The Taze is supplied with two coils as standard. The first is a 0.6Ohm mesh coil, rated for 15W-25W. With a fairly small inner bore, I found it to provide a pleasant, if reserved, direct lung vape at 25W, with the airflow set to ¼ open. I did not find flavour to be particularly impressive, but it wasn’t bad either. Coil longevity was fair, lasting for approximately 30mls of moderately sweet e-liquid before declining substantially. 

The second coil is a 0.3Ohm mesh build, rated for 25W-35W. I found this to provide a much more saturated vape at the maximum recommended wattage, with airflow set to approximately 1/3 open. Coil longevity was slightly improved too, lasting for 40mls of moderately sweet e-liquid before a replacement was needed. 

Snowwolf also offer a 1.2Ohm MTL coil and I find it very odd that one was not included with the kit. A small, sleek AIO system such as this one thrives with low power vaping and since this kit is aimed at newer vapers, it would have made a lot of sense to give the consumer an idea of both styles of vaping, rather than two marginally different direct lung coils. 

Battery life, along with Snowolf’s 4A charging has been the primary feature for much of the marketing effort of the Taze and it’s no wonder why. Even with a respectable 1600mAh internal cell, 35W does take a toll, draining the battery in approximately 3-4 hours depending on the user. This is entirely counteracted with the super quick USB-C charging. The Taze goes from flat to full in under 30 minutes, which is incredibly impressive. This makes down time a non-issue, regardless of what power level you choose to vape at. 

In summary, the Taze has a lot going for it. The design, build quality and vape experience are all good and the charging technology is a game changer for internal battery devices. The decision not to include a MTL coil, however, is baffling and should be addressed for all future batches. 



  • Build quality 
  • Super quick charging 
  • User friendly 



  • No MTL coil included. 

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Top 5 Influential Vape Mods No ratings yet.

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Vaping hardware has developed at a rapid pace over the last five years. Back in 2013, the idea of variable power, all day battery life, or even basic feedback from the device were all things that could not be found in mainstream products. Now, we have touchscreen mods, sophisticated temperature control and even app functionality. This list highlights five mods which have shaped vaping.


1.Eleaf iStick 20W – Today, the original iStick seems like a basic mod but at the time it was revolutionary. While most of us were getting to grips with the rudimentary variable voltage of stick devices, like the Vision Spinner, this mod came out of the gates with full variable wattage, a massive 2200mAh battery and tiny form factor. This wasn’t the first affordable VW device, but with it’s (at the time) high ceiling of 20W, it brought variable power to the masses, in a user-friendly way.

2. Sigelei 100W – Like the iStick 20W, the Sigelei 100W was released in 2014. It had an entirely different target market, though; enthusiasts. From 2014-2016, manufacturers were racing to produce mods with ever higher wattage outputs. This device set the bar and started the wattage wars. It was bulky and certainly not designed with ergonomics in mind but what it lacked in elegance, it made up for with raw, reliable performance. The Sigelei 100W is still known as one of the most hard-wearing devices ever made. Chances are, the ones that are still in circulation work flawlessly to this day.



3. Geekvape Aegis – This is the mod that put Geekvape on the map. A quick glance at their releases over the last few years should tell you that this device was a runaway success. The concept is simple – a mod designed to be near impossible to break. With its water-resistant internals, sturdy zinc alloy chassis and rubberised protective layer, the original Aegis, released back in 2017, absolutely met the claims of an “indestructible” mod. The idea of a life-proof device has proven so popular that Geekvape now have seven devices and counting in the Aegis lineup.

4. Vandyvape Pulse BF – Squonk mods have been around for years, but for a long time, they were niche devices, made by independent modders in limited numbers. Tony B and Vandyvape changed this in 2017 with the release of the Pulse BF. It was the first truly mainstream squonker, at an affordable price. The design of the device itself was rather simple and despite it not being the hardest hitting mechanical out there, 20700 compatibility, a locking switch and relatively compact form factor made for one popular mod. Immediately after release, squonk devices became the new gold rush for manufacturers.



5. Innokin MVP 2 – A list of influential vape mods would not be complete without the MVP 2. Released at the back end of 2013, this device changed the game for countless vapers. Most of us were using an eGo pen, or some equivalent back then. Some of the more expensive eGo style devices features variable voltage, but left a lot to be desired in terms of battery life. The MVP 2 filled this gap in the market, with a massive 2600mAh internal cell, and variable wattage up to 11W. This might not seem like much now but at the time, it was revolutionary. Throw in fantastic build quality, along with the ability to use the device as a power bank and you have a mod that set out the blue print for all devices that came after it.

So there you have it, the top 5 influential vape mods. According to us, at least. Of course, everyone will have a different opinion on which devices influenced the course of vaping the most and we’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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