JUUL Canada halts production of fruit-flavoured pods No ratings yet.

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JUUL Canada is to stop selling most of its flavoured pods as Health Canada draws up tighter vaping regulations

The company will stop supplying all but mint and tobacco once current stocks are cleared.

Michael Nederhoff, general manager of JUUL Labs in Canada said that the flavours could be reintroduced ‘under the guidance and regulation of Health Canada.’

Vaping was legalised in 2018. However, critics argue that the regulations do not protect public health.

The proposed regulations include a ban on ads in public spaces, convenience stores and online. In-store displays would be restricted to speciality age-restricted vape shops.

Thierry Bélair, a spokesperson for Health Minister Patty Hajdu, said:

“We recently proposed new rules to prohibit the promotion of vaping products anywhere they can be seen or heard by youth, and are in the process of examining additional flavour restrictions using the best available evidence because we share the concerns that many Canadians — particularly parents — have about vaping.”

While a tightening of federal regulations is on the horizon, the provinces have already begun to bring in regulations to curb youth vaping and combat the much-disputed gateway to combustible tobacco.

A ban on vape advertising in public places in Ontario has been in effect since January 1.

British Columbia introduced a 13 percent tax increase on vape products the same day.

Now, Nova Scotia is to follow America’s lead by cracking down heavily on flavoured e-liquids.

On April 1, the province will become the first in the country to introduce an outright ban on flavours.

Source: CBC

Photo by Ryan on Unsplash

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Judge blocks New York flavour ban after VTA challenge No ratings yet.

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A judge has blocked New York state from enforcing a ban on flavoured vape products

The executive order banning the sale of all but tobacco and menthol was issued in September last year.

The emergency ban was successfully challenged by the Vapor Technology Association (VTA).

The VTA argued that the move would force vape businesses across the state to close.

Acting state Supreme Court Justice Catherine Cholakis ruled that the Public Health and Health Planning Council did not have the authority to prohibit the sale of the products.

Regulating the industry is the responsibility of state Legislature, Cholakis said.

A spokesman for governor Andrew Cuomo said that the ruling was ‘unfortunate’ but said that the judge acknowledged that youth vaping was a serious problem.

Spokesman Kyle Kotary said:

“We’re reviewing the decision, evaluating our procedural options and moving forward with comprehensive legislation to address the public health concerns related to vaping.”

Meanwhile, lawmakers in New Jersey are to vote on controversial Senate Bill 3265 later today.

If passed, vape retailers will be prohibited from selling the majority of flavours within the state.

Officials opted to proceed with the legislation despite hours of testimony from vapers as well as retailers who will be forced to close if a flavour ban is implemented.

Sponsors believe the proposed regulations will reduce underage use of the products.

Assemblyman Herb Conoway said:

“We’re seeing dramatic increases… among high school students.

“These flavors, in particular, are designed to attract youths.”

The Legislature held off on a vote to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes after Senate President Steve Sweeney said that it would impact tax revenue.

Source: ABC New York

Header Image by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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Vape for reforestation No ratings yet.

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A new brand from the people that brought you Six Licks is putting sustainability front and centre, by planting a tree for every bottle of e-liquid sold

Like all industries, the vape business generates a lot of waste. The arbitrary 10ml restriction on bottle sizes certainly doesn’t help.

And while vaping is still far less harmful to the environment than the trillions of cigarette butts generated every year, we can always do more.

Now, many companies are looking for ways to reduce plastic and be more environmentally sustainable.

Born out of the desire to do something a little different in the industry, Wild Roots is the juice brand with a conscience.

By focusing on the carbon footprint of e-liquid production, the brand has been able to put a unique measure in place to offset the environmental cost of both production and consumption.

Brand director, Lewis Felstead, said:

“There are so many different juices and from how they’re produced to how they’re disposed of, we wanted to create something different that gives back. Wild Roots is all about eco-friendly sustainability”

With their core campaign ‘#onebottleonetree’, Wild Roots has made a commitment to planting a tree for every single bottle of e-liquid that they sell – no exceptions.

To uphold this promise, they’re working with Eden Reforestation Projects: a non-profit organisation that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints.

Eden Reforestation Projects employs local people in poor and deforested areas of the world to plant trees on their behalf, restoring nature and fighting poverty at the same time.

The non-profit aims of planting 500 million trees a year by 2025.

Lewis said:

“When a store purchases bottles of Wild Roots e-liquid, we plant the trees. So, for the end user, the consumer, there’s no action involved.

“They can walk into a store to buy a bottle and they know that with that single bottle a tree has been planted. They don’t have to do anything more.”

In the short amount of time since Wild Roots launched, they’ve already had close to 33,000 trees planted on their behalf. Their goal is one million.

Keeping the whole brand as sustainable as possible is the ultimate goal, so all of their packaging is either recycled when it gets to the consumer or recyclable when it’s been used.

“Vaping is a bright, bold and loud industry. In the rush to create new things, sometimes where things are sourced from and how they’re sourced aren’t necessarily taken into consideration, so we wanted to be one of the first to take those things into account.

“This young industry is developing very quickly and spreading globally, so as it grows, we begin to learn. And as we’re now learning and developing as an industry, that’s why we’re starting to make these decisions.”

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UK vape industry may be forced to fund flavour safety research No ratings yet.

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UK vape companies may be required to fund research into the health effects of e-liquid flavours, according to a new report

Some experts fear that certain flavours could be damaging to the heart or lungs.

The proposals could see countless flavours pulled from UK shelves.

Professor John Britton, director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at Nottingham University, who sits on the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)’s panel on e-cigarettes, said:

“If you restrict the flavours, you may restrict the tolerability of vaping to people trying it for the first time, but you will also lose an awful lot of smokers.”

Professor Britton suggested an alternative pathway, where vape companies could get their flavours licensed.

However, this could prove prohibitively expensive for many independent businesses.

Professor Britton suggested that companies could group together to apply for a ‘common license’ to prove that a flavour or group of flavours met the required medical standards.

Professor Britton said:

“It would be very hard to argue that all of those [flavours] are necessary but how do you then say ‘this one is OK and this one isn’t’?

“You could say ‘OK, no flavours’ in which case you will make vaping unacceptable to most vapers. Or you could say ‘we’ll allow a limited list of, say, half a dozen flavours’.

“But how do you decide what those should be? There is no way of saying that cinnamon is safer than orange. I don’t see how you draw the line.”

A licensing system could mirror the US Premarket Tobacco product Application (PMTA) process.

From May this year, US companies will be required to prove that their products are safe and beneficial to public health to stay on the market.

The Trump administration announced a ban on most flavoured pods last week amid the ongoing youth vaping ‘epidemic.’

Source: Guardian

Header Image by dylan nolte on Unsplash

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E-cigarette tax stops smokers quitting No ratings yet.

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E-cigarette tax stops smokers quitting, according to new research

Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research believe that taxing e-cigarettes like tobacco could impact smoking-cessation.

Almost 2 million US smokers could be deterred from quitting in a ten-year period, the study found.

This is if e-cigarette tax matches the current tobacco rate in Minnesota.

Minnesota was the first US state to impose a tax on e-cigarettes by including them in the definition of a tobacco product.

The current rate of tax is 95 percent of the wholesale price and the researchers says this provides a “deterrent to e-cigarette use.”

Although there is no federal tax on e-cigarettes, many states are beginning to impose similar levies.

Millions of Americans could be deterred from switching to vaping if national tax becomes as high as in Minnesota.

The researchers assessed tobacco-use data from the Current Population Survey between 1992 and 2015.

They were then able to determine how this large tax increase has impacted smoking cessation.

According to their current estimates, the e-cigarette tax in Minnesota has increased adult smoking.

It has also reduced overall smoking-cessation.

In the study the researchers say:

“Our results suggest that in the sample period about 32,400 additional adult smokers would have quit smoking in Minnesota in the absence of the tax.

“If this tax were imposed on a national level about 1.8 million smokers would be deterred from quitting in a ten year period.”

Source: The National Bureau of Economic Research

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President Trump expected to announce ban on flavoured pods No ratings yet.

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A ban on flavoured e-liquid pods is expected to be announced this week following many months of speculation led by President Trump

Vapers will only be able to purchase tobacco and menthol-flavoured pods if the ban comes to pass.

However, flavoured e-liquids used in open-tank systems will reportedly remain on the market.

At a news conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort on New Year’s Eve, President Trump said:

“We think we are going to get back in the market very, very quickly.

“We have a very big industry. We’re going to take care of the industry.”

The President announced his intention to ban all flavoured e-liquids in September last year.

However, he since said that he feared that a ban would lead vapers to use potentially dangerous, illicit products.

This concern was further fuelled by the EVALI outbreak spread by black-market THC oil cartridges.

Mr Trump had also been warned that an all-out ban could impact his re-election prospects.

The concession to allow bottled flavoured e-liquids to remain on the market could curry favour from the vape industry, which also fought for menthol pods to remain available after the ban.

Erika Sward, a spokeswoman for the American Lung Association, said that the ban was an important first step in reducing youth appeal.

However, she said that she feared that many young people would switch to menthol rather than quit vaping altogether.

Sward said:

“Flavors attract kids, and menthol is a flavor.

“It really helps to numb the senses and makes the poison go down easier.”

President Trump signed a bill raising the legal smoking and vaping age from 18 to 21 in December.

Source: New York Times

Header Image by History in HD on Unsplash

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Instagram posts banned for promoting e-cigarettes No ratings yet.

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Four vape firms have had Instagram posts banned for promoting e-cigarettes

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld complaints against Mylo Vape, Attitude Vape, Ama Vape Lab and Vype makers, British American Tobacco.

All the banned posts were on Instagram.

Complaints were brought from agencies Action on Smoking and Health, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products.

These agencies also challenged the use of a 24-year-old model in one of Vype’s posts.

Current regulations in the UK prohibit promotional advertising of e-cigarettes on social media.

The BAT ruling stated:

“[BAT] said their online communications aimed to impart factual information regarding their products but stopped short of direct or indirect promotion.”

BAT responded to say that their posts were not promotional and were factual in nature.

However, the ASA ruled that many posts contained “content which clearly went beyond the provision of factual information and was promotional in nature.”

A third complaint was brought against BAT, arguing their posts featuring Lily Allen and House of Holland appealed to under-18s.

The ASA did not uphold those complaints.

They said in the ruling:

“We understood House of Holland was a fashion brand that produced clothes for adults and did not produce a range of clothes for children.

“We therefore considered references to the brand itself would be unlikely to appeal particularly to under 18s.”

The following responses were issued in response to the ASA rulings:

“Ama Vape Lab Ltd said that they removed the post in question and reviewed their other social media posts.”

“1. Mylo Vape UK accepted that the post could be regarded as indirectly promotional and was beyond purely being factual. They said they were unable to restrict users viewing the post as a general rule, but they could reduce the visibility of a particular post by not adding hash tags to it. Mylo Vape UK believed the Instagram platform was analogous to a website and therefore sharing factual information was permitted.

2. Mylo accepted that the image may have appeared to be of someone under 25, but said they were unable to verify the age of the individual.”

“Attitude Vapes did not respond to the ASA’s enquiries.”

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Washington vape shops go under after temporary flavour ban No ratings yet.

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At least 377 Washington stores have stopped selling vape products since a temporary flavour ban went into effect in October

The figure was provided by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, which enforces alcohol, tobacco and cannabis laws and promotes public safety.

Drug stores like Rite Aid and Bartell Drugs have lost their licences while half of the smaller businesses have been forced to close altogether.

Matt Bradley, owner of Sky Vapor in Everett, has already closed one of his three locations.

He fears that the other two will have to close if governor Jay Inslee does not lift the ban in February.

Bradley said:

“I hope that Inslee lifts the ban and we go back to business as usual, and they see this ploy was useless.

“But he doesn’t lift the ban they got what they wanted, they picked us all off.”

Governor Inslee announced an executive order in September which called on the Washington State Department of Health to ban flavoured vape products.

The move came in the wake of the outbreak of EVALI cases that has since been mostly attributed to black market THC products.

Inslee said at the time:

“My executive order also directs the department and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to […] immediately ban any ingredients or sources that are found to be the cause of this acute lung illness.”

The US vape industry was granted a reprieve in November when President Trump postponed a federal ban on flavoured vape products.

Source: K5 News

Header Image: Lindsay Fox

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2019: A hardware year in review No ratings yet.

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Vapouround’s Benedict Jones takes a look back at some of the products that caught his eye over the past 12 months

Without any doubt I can say that 2019 has seen the release of far too many good vaping products to count. The hardware market is now ferociously competitive and for consumers, this is fantastic because the majority of off the shelf products now perform fantastically.

Here – in no particular order – are ten of my favourites, covering a wide range of different vape products.

Re-fillable Pod System – Uwell Caliburn 

Uwell are best known for their enthusiast products, so it was a surprise when they dropped the Caliburn earlier this year. To the delight of veteran vapers and new users though, it provides one of the best pod experiences available, with fantastic flavour production and coils that can easily run through 30ml of nicotine salt e-liquid before needing to be replaced. Perhaps the ultimate basic pod.

AIO System – Smok Nord 

In many ways 2019 has been the year of the AIO and the Smok Nord has surely been the most popular of the lot. With a stealthy form factor, solid coils and good battery life, this device has cemented itself as the ideal step up from a more basic pod system.

Advanced AIO System – Aspire Mulus 

Aspire have been one of the leading manufactures for years and the Mulus is a great example of why. It has a pocket-friendly design, accepts external 18650 batteries, features full wattage control and is compatible with Aspire’s Nautilus and Tigon coil fittings, some of the most reliable and widely available.

MTL Tank – Innokin Zlide 

Many vapers started off with Innokin products and they still remain focused on newcomers to this day. The Zlide is one of the best stock coil MTL tanks on the market, with a wide range of flavourful coil options that should cater to just about any vaper who wishes to use higher strength e-liquids with a tighter draw.

Subohm Tank – Horizon Vape Distro Raptor 

Horizon Vape Distro and EHPro teamed up earlier in the year for the Raptor tank and in our view, it’s still the top dog when it comes to flavour performance from stock coils. The minimalistic looks, fantastic coil longevity and Falcon compatibility all make for a tank that performs consistently with zero fuss.

MTL RTA – Svoemesto Kayfun Lite 2019 

German manufacturers Svoemesto have ruled the roost of the high-end atomiser market for many years now and the Kayfun Lite 2019 is arguably their best product to date. With incredible flavour production, an easy build deck and an ultra-smooth draw, this is the pinnacle of mouth to lung vaping at the time of writing.

Dual Coil RTA – Dovpo Blotto 

Vaping Bogan and Dovpo teamed up to make the Blotto and we’re very glad they did. Its innovative airflow design creates a super smooth draw with incredible flavour and the post-less deck design is quite straightforward to build. Throw in some Vaping Bogan aesthetics and you’ve got a top tier RTA.

Dual Battery Mod – Vaporesso Gen 

Vaporesso has become one of the best loved brands in vaping and the Gen is a great example of why. It was the first device to feature their new Axon chip, which manages to compete with and even surpass some high end chips, for a much more affordable price. Pair that with nice build quality, a scratch resistant finish and minimalist looks and you’ve got yourself a winner

Rugged Mod – Geekvape Aegis X 

Geekvape’s Aegis line has been their most successful project to date and the Aegis X is the newest full sized device. It has the same shock-proof, water-proof and frankly life-proof design that we’ve come to know and love, with the addition of a massive colour screen, which makes navigating the menus a little easier and somehow doesn’t impact battery life. One for the clumsy vapers.

Squonk Mod – Hippovape Kudos 

Hippovape are newcomers to the vaping industry and the Kudos 80W was released with little fanfare. At first. It quickly became apparent that this is one of the best mods of the year. It’s certainly the smallest regulated squonker ever made and still manages to boast a convenient side fill system, great build quality and classy looks. For the frugal vapers, it’s also priced rather affordably.

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Norway lifts vape ban and adopts TPD No ratings yet.

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Norway is to lift a ban on nicotine vape products and adopt the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes and new tobacco products must apply for authorisation at least six months before their product is scheduled to be released.

E-cigarette advertisements will now be allowed online and at point-of-sale. Cigarette adverts have been prohibited in the country since 1975.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health will oversee the applications to determine if the product will aid with tobacco harm reduction.

It will also assess whether it’s addictive, appeals to children or will contribute to the initiation and re-normalisation of tobacco.

The Directorate will decide whether approved products will be labelled as a nicotine or smokeless tobacco product or a tobacco product for smoking, as well as how it will be regulated.

Tron Meier, board member of the Norwegian Union of Vapers/Norsk Dampselskap, said:

“Legalising vaping in Norway is a welcoming development and we congratulate our government for aligning with the EU’s TPD.

“However, there is still much negative publicity around vaping in the media and many details still to become clear so our welcome must be cautious for now.

“There is still more work for us and our ETHRA partners to do.”

André Bendigtsen of tobacco harm reduction group Nikan said:

“We understand that these proposals will be implemented during 2020 and we would suggest that the government includes consumers of reduced risk products in the process at every stage.

“These products offer a lifeline to many former smokers and can lead to better outcomes for the public’s health in Norway in the future.

“Consumers are ready and available to offer our experience and knowledge to regulators in order to maximise the many benefits of safer nicotine use.”

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